Google DocBlender Handbook


TopicYouTube VideoAssociated File
Blender Basic IntroductionBlender Basic ControlExercise 1 Model
Blender Basic Modelling
3D ModellingCreating and Rendering a water glass in BlenderWater Glass and Water Jug
Make a Water Jug – Loop Cuts and BevelWater Glass and Water Jug
3D Modelling TexturesTexture UV
Wooden Table – Model and Texture
Creating Texture File from
3D ScansImport .glb into Blender and CropPup Model
3D AnimationsSimple AnimationNone
Table Assembly

WoodTable Assembly Animation
Rendering SettingsRendering Settings
Sketchfab (setting) Sketchfab ImportLow Poly
Blender SketchFab
Texture Painting NEW!Stencil Picture NEW!
Video EditingMouse Catch Clip
Rigging & AnimationMonster