Alien IV: The Inverse Alien
This work was specially commissioned for the 30th anniversary of the release of the movie “Alien”. It is a unique viviparous alien species with both alien and human characteristics. The body structure of the inverse species is very different from other aliens. Through rigorous distribution, the work highlights the degraded head exoskeleton, slender limbs, and a pair of deep, empty eyes, making it look more like a human.

Archangel Gabriel
In the center of Heroes Square in Budapest, Hungary, stands a Millennium Monument. At the top of the monument stands the angel Gabriel, who protects the whole country. The origami works are based on this prototype for artistic re-creation, once again shaping the noble and glamorous archangel.

Under the Bodhi Tree
The name of the work “Under the Bodhi Tree” was given by Mr. Fan Zeng, a famous master of Chinese studies and calligraphy and painting. The ancient tree and the Buddha who practiced under the tree are all made of a square paper without cutting or cropping. The asymmetrical design adds a sense of Zen. The expression is deeply loved by Mr. Fan Zeng.

Copper Moby Dick
In 2016, origami artist Liu used a complete square paper to design the origami work “Moby Dick”. The work is folded from a complete square paper without any cutting and cropping. Mr. Liu Tong hopes that while seeing the works of beluga whales, everyone can also raise awareness of marine environmental protection, so that the lovely species of beluga whales will remain in our world forever.

The Cauldron
The work is made of a complete square paper without cutting or cropping, and was presented to Mr. Masato Kidera, then Japanese ambassador to China, on the World Peace Day in 2015.

The Statue of Liberty in Budapest
The Statue of Liberty in BudapestOne of the two most famous statues of liberty in the world, a landmark of Budapest, Hungary. The statue of liberty and the palm leaf in her hand are folded from a square paper.

Hundred Years of Silence
The work is designed by Mr. Liu Tong for a centenarian. When a person gets old, he is not filled with gray hair, inconvenient movement, and memory loss, but the understanding of silence.

White Rhino
The work commemorates Sudan, the last male northern white rhino remaining in the world. Mr. Liu Tong created origami 1:1 large and small white rhino works. Since October 2016, he has been on tour in various embassies and cultural centers of the European Union. He hopes to call on everyone to protect endangered wild animals through the form of origami art.

The work was created by origami artist Liu Tong’s composite paper, adding paper glue, fiber and metal to the paper. Using origami techniques to create a sculptural texture is one of the few 360-degree visual works among origami works.

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