Who we are..

Scan the World is a team of engineers bridging ingenuity gaps between technology and practicality with virtual solutions.

What we do..

Scan the World will 3D scan your commercial space and products to reconstruct them into a virtual platform for users to browse and shop.

For the education sector, we offer school’s digital twins for students to participate in modelling through our courses. These digital twins are mobile browser capable for students, parents, teachers and alumni to visit!


Scan the World has been working on the idea of creating a practical virtual world since 2015. The idea accelerated over COVID-19 when travel was brought to a halt and virtual solutions gained momentum. We put the idea into practice and were accepted into the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park’s (HKSTP) Incubation program in 2022.


We’re based in Hong Kong and our office is at HKSTP. But we collect our data all over the world to build the most immersive virtual eCommerce platform.


The problem with most virtual solutions is lack of grounding. Meaning users are taken up into the virtual world and very little is brought back to benefit the physical world. Scan the World is trying to build a solution from the offline side that extends into the virtual world to build a positive feedback loop.